LU Candle Insert - Apertivo

The Luxuriate

Inspired by the socialites playground of Redetzky bar in Milano Italy. A surviving example of the fashion obsessed aperitvo culture of the 1980s. The cobblestone streets of Brera illuminate bright red with the choice of aperitivo the “Aperol Spritz”. The scent is reminiscent of the true fragrance found in the Aperol Spritz with notes of prosecco, bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona.

The Luxuriate candles are luxury creations inspired by the influential moments of life. Designed to evoke past memories of travel, romance & excitement.

Top: Rhubarb, Bitter Orange, Chinchona
Heart: Prosecco, Gentian, Lemon, Grape
Base: Vanilla, Leafy Green, Jasmine, Cyclamen

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