MA Basic Cheese Paddle -

Marble Basics

The Marble Basics Basic Cheese Paddle is perfect for entertaining. It is the best size for a few cheeses, delectable fruits and an abundance of crackers to keep your guests nibbling and enjoying. It can be used as a petite and practical chopping board and a breadboard for the perfect loaf of sourdough. This board can be used 'a la Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals' when everything is thrown together on a board, we agree Jamie, it's a simple, effective idea and one plate for washing up has never looked so appealing. Just be sure to treat your marble with love and be wary of staining (read our marble care section). Handcrafted white and grey honed marble. 

DIMENSIONS: 35cm x 25cm

COLOUR: Blanc Marble

MATERIAL: 100% Marble

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