Soothe Tube Parakeets & Pearls

Soothe Tube Parakeets & Pearls

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A pocket-sized, power-packed product filled with soothing goodness - Soothe Tube by Ashley & Co won’t be leaving your side. Just as well it’s so handy. Be it in the pocket, beach bag, bedside table, desk, handbag or glove-box – pick a few to go with you! Deeply penetrating (yet non-greasy), this formulation based with Shea Butter and boosted with Camomile Extract and Vitamin E prevents the discomfort of parched hands and cuticles. What’s more, it’s loaded with the lingering lift of each of our signature scents.


Parakeets & Pearls: Green Tea, White Lily, Orange Rind, Lime, Cardamon, Cypriol Spice

Remember handwritten love letters and dressing for dinner? No? This Old World scent of freshly picked Green Tea and White Lilies will help bring the glamour back to modern day.

Intensive, non-greasy formula for hands & cuticles

Not tested on animals